Monday, June 6, 2011

FW11 Facial Trends - Marc Jacobs

You are a director backstage at Studio City at MGM in 1949. Your musical spectacular adaptation of “Mildred Pierce” is already running a million dollars over budget and six months late, and you’ve been on your knees for two hours trying to convince the chorus girls to put on the sensational New Look suits you’ve designed for the final, showstopping number, except even they think the outfits are too over the top. They’re all hardbitten teenage runaways who know just as well as you do that this is not going to be their big break, and they’ve been in the business long enough to have had it.

Come on, you tell them, Think about how chic this is. It’s not about you. It’s about these shoulders. We’re going to knock their socks off with all this ELEGANCE. Who said glamour was supposed to be fun? Could you smile for just one second, for god’s sake?

It’s one thing to be at home in your clothes, but getting dressed up is something else entirely. The best they seem to be able to do is gaze off into the distance thinking, One day. But the thing is, when you’re back at the studio going over the dailies, you realize that they couldn’t possibly have looked better.

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