Saturday, June 4, 2011

If you are at all like me you will have found that this song is assuming increasing relevance in your lives.

Don’t pay attention to three-quarters of it. That Dude’s deranged, faux-benevolent smile and bad rapping make it too easy to dismiss the song as a Krazy Ironic 90’s Dance Hit, which does its mood a huge disservice. Just pay attention to her.

Because the point here is her shocking underlying vulnerability, and what a great look it is. The weird, shy movements, the inclination of the head, the narrow-shouldered protective hunch. The Jacques-Beineix-taking-a-salon-photo haircut. The fact that that voice is wearing no-big-deal spaghetti straps. If somebody could write me a script that replaces every early Kate Moss photo ever tumbld with screenshots from this, I think the internet would feel like a refreshing place again.

Spring 2011 has been all about this kind of dissonant 90’s tropicalia palette, and it is easy to assume that you’re not even kind of ready for that much fun. It’s like a shitty day at the beach: things are supposed to feel as great as the Club and the pool and the jungle and Baywatch combined, except you just can’t make the emotional leap that the color scheme requires. What this girl teaches us is that you only need one thing to handle it: the confidence of restraint. Don’t try too hard to have fun. By looking like she actually might need to be made happy, she turns the video into “Wicked Game” in a Caribbean resort town just hit by a hurricane. Postcolonial disaster moods: like there’s a fun party going on, but the lighting is too weird and the trauma is too recent for things to ever get really wild. 

Accepting this, that you’re not 100% enthusiastic about the combination carnival/masquerade/child pageant going on around you, is what gives you enough poise to say, “You know what? It’s okay” and pull off the look. Maybe you feel more like the hulking shadows than the yellow bustier and green miniskirt – that’s fine. Sometimes the TV rip is going to be too grayed out. Sometimes we let context distract us from our emotions.

It is too much to wear these colors and be happy all the time.

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